The Emanating Chill by Ellie Kan

The Emanating Chill


I remember the scattered talks we used to have

About sports, music, it didn’t matter

Sometimes pausing to argue over some fact or figure

But always ending in laughter.


Those times are gone now.

Wasted away like the glow of summer

We know only the wisps of memories at this time

They are no more, replaced by silence.


Replaced by an icy chill that emanates from you

From your eyes as you see me

When you are together with your friends

But when we are alone it changes.


A warmth emerges and once again,

Slowly, haltingly, we begin to speak

Our talk is distant, but still it is there

The conversations are brief and few.


It doesn’t seem to matter,

What’s happening around us

All that matters is that we are together.

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