Never by Ellie Kan


Do you ever wonder about that special place? A place where nothing can harm you; a place where you are loved.
Is there that place? Or will we have to keep dreaming for the rest our lives...

Is there a place
Where the pain is all gone?
The horror and suffering
just disappear
into nothingness.

Is there a place
where you do not haunt
my every move?
Your voice is not
in my head, your
eyes not locked on mine.
Your body not tantalizingly
close and your heart does not
tear me in half.

Is there a place
where I can move on?
Forget my obsessions, my
love, my hatred and
my emotions do not
disturb the peace.

There is not such place
The hatred and turmoil
still feeds on my
every move and you
still haunt my mere

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