Doug I Love YouE -- a poem in acrostic form by Colin Kelly


Destiny seemed to be sitting in the wings;

Once we met she was able to begin her magic,

Understanding us better than we did ourselves,

Giving us the time we needed to fall in love.


It took time, but it was worth the wait.


Look at us now!

Once we told our parents and our friends,

Validation of our relationship was their response,

Everyone gathering around us congratulating, celebrating.


You and I are together because of Destiny's plan,

Oblivious to the part she played, thinking only of one thing:

Unconditional love is what we share with each other.

This poem and the included images are Copyright © 2008 by Colin Kelly (colinian). They cannot be reproduced without express written consent. Codey’s World web site has written permission to publish this poem. No other rights are granted.

Doug, I Love You was originally published in The Hub Acrostic Project for acrostic poetry.