Will Santa Really Come Tonight? -- a flash fiction story by Colin Kelly

A little boy wonders if Santa is really going to come on Christmas Eve.
His parents think about something else.

“Daddy, will Santa really come tonight?”

Darrin grinned. “Yes, Marco, he'll be here tonight. But he won't come until you're asleep.”

Marco pouted, as only a five-year-old can. “Okay. I guess.” He ran to Mark. “But Poppy, what if I can't sleep?”

Mark picked him up and hugged him. “You just think about tomorrow morning sport, and you'll fall asleep right away. Now, let's get you to bed!”

With Marco finally tucked in bed and sleeping, Mark hugged Darrin. “My love, this has been the best year of our lives. Adopting Marco was the best Christmas present for us. Ever!”

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