What'd I Do Now? -- a flash fiction story by Colin Kelly

News, good or bad, always has the greatest emotional impact when it comes as a surprise...

I zipped up my backpack when I heard my dad hollering.

“Jase, get your butt down here, NOW!”

Oh, jeez, what’d I do now? He only uses that tone of voice when I’m in trouble. I couldn’t think of a reason. When I got downstairs I was surprised to find Dad sitting drinking coffee with Mr. Klosterman, the principal of Hillcrest High.

“Uh, morning, Mr. Klosterman.” I looked at my dad and I’m sure he could tell I was confused.

He stood, walked over to me smiling, and hugged me so hard it actually hurt.

“Congratulations, Jase. God, I’m so proud of you!”

Now I was even more confused.

“Jason!” Mr. Klosterman stood. “My congratulations, too!”

“Uh... what for?”

“You won the Gracie Johnson-Bell Scholarship, Jason. Four years at U.C. Berkeley, all expenses paid, tuition, dorm, books, everything. You’re the first Hillcrest student to receive this scholarship. I wanted to come over and tell you personally. I’m so proud of you.”

“Oh... my God! I can’t believe it.” I’m going to Cal! I hugged Mr. Klosterman, which made him laugh, then my dad, hard.

“Oh, man! Oh man oh man oh man!”

We all started laughing. What a great day!

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