The Day I Turned Gay -- a flash fiction story by Colin Kelly

There's a lot of discussion about whether a person is born gay or whether they can turn gay. Here's a guy who admits that he, indeed, turned gay and can pin it down to the exact date on the calendar.

It's embarrassing to admit this, but I actually did turn gay. I know exactly when it happened, to the day. Every year, on my birthday, I remember that day so long ago. It was very traumatic. I can't remember the circumstances, but my mother was there at the time and she explained some of the details to me. My father even took a couple of photographs. When it happened I was a complete mess. I wasn't ready to meet or talk to anyone, but that didn't dissuade people from coming to visit. Fortunately, my parents didn't divulge to anyone that I had turned gay.

Even though I have no memory of the events of that day, I can look back with pride. I accept the fact that I turned gay. In fact, I embrace it. It's the best thing, the single most important thing, that has ever happened in my life. If I hadn't turned gay I would never have met Doug, who I love with every molecule of my body, every thought, every breath. If I hadn't turned gay on that day, I wouldn't be able to be in love with Doug. In fact, I wouldn’t have been born.

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