So Prove It -- a flash fiction story by Colin Kelly

A girl decides to prove she’s better than a boy.
(A Drabble is a 100 word story — the small version of Flash Fiction)

I watched the varsity football team practice. “Our kicker can’t kick for shit.”

Jake laughed. “You think you’re better, Donna?”

“Damn right. I learned kicking skills playing soccer.”

“So prove it.”

I walked on the field where Coach Livingston stood with his clipboard. He looked up.

“I want to show you how I can kick field goals and points after,” I said.

“Okay, why not. Grant, get her some kicker’s shoes. Let’s see if she’s any good.”

I’m good. I made the team.

My first game I kicked four field goals and two points after. We won.

I’m very good.

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