My Letterman's Jacket -- a flash fiction story by Colin Kelly

A high school football player has his best day of all

When I was a sophomore in high school I went out for football and made the team. I played guard for Grant on offense and defense. In our third game of the year, against Excelsior, I was injured. Their line was huge, and I ended up on the bottom of a pile of players, but my right leg was somewhere up toward the top of the pile. My right hip was dislocated and my right femur had a hairline fracture. I was put in a partial body cast.

While I was still in the hospital the team came to visit me, and presented me with the game ball. We’d won the game, 22-0.

Because of my cast I was home schooled the rest of the semester. One day my tutor told me there was going to be a surprise that afternoon. I thought he meant a snap quiz. He loved to spring snap quizzes. Instead, Coach Rowland and a bunch of team members presented me with my black letterman’s jacket with a gold “G” and a football patch on the bottom bar of the “G”.

That turned out to be the best day of all for me in high school.

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