My First Car -- a flash fiction story by Colin Kelly

For a young man, getting his first car can be a momentous milestone...

When you’re a teenage guy, the single most important thing in your life, perhaps your defining moment, is the day you get your first car. Your car! You’re no longer fettered to friends, parents, and public transit. You’re free! You can go where you want, when you want. Suddenly life is good.

My first car was a fleet resale. Dad and I saw this like-new Mitsubishi Lancer. It was cheap because of the colors: baby diarrhea green with urine yellow stripes. The salesman told us it would be easy to have it painted. “ProPaint,” he said. “They gotta special. $259.”

I drove my car to school the next day. No one laughed, but I could tell they wanted to. It was embarrassing. After school I drove to ProPaint and had it painted Lightning Yellow, for $399 because that’s a “special color”, a hot color!

After three weeks the diarrhea green’s bleeding through the yellow. Back to ProPaint. “That’ll happen. It’ll bleach out in the sun.” Yeah. Sure. But it did. It took three months, just in time for summer.

I love my car. Girls love it, too. More important, guys love it, incredibly hot guys.

Now my life is awesome!

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