Lilly -- a flash fiction story by Colin Kelly

Some superstitions exist for a reason, and when a young girl strays too close to a cursed lake, her mother rightly fears the consequences...

Lilly ran to the edge of Lake Turcot and dipped her toe into the cold water. “Ewww! The water’s cold!”

Patricia turned and saw her four-year-old daughter at the water’s edge. “Lilly! Come away from there right now! Never go near the water or Misshepeshu will get you!”

Lilly turned, grinned at her mother, and ran into the water disappearing under its calm surface.


Patricia dove in and found Lilly lying on the bottom, like a rag doll. She pulled her out, her tears adding to the lake’s waters. Hearing her cries, other women from the Chippewa tribe ran to help. By the time they got to the shore, Lilly had coughed up lake water and was staring at her mother. She grinned, and at that moment Patricia saw the look of Misshepeshu in Lilly’s eyes: their color turned to bronze until they closed in sleep.

The men of the tribe would have nothing to do with Patricia and Lilly after that event. As the old legends say, Lilly was bad medicine. Shunned, Patricia took Lilly and moved to Minot, far from the river. But Patricia knew that someday Misshepeshu would come for Lilly, and make her his bride.

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