Josh, Can We Talk? -- a flash fiction story by Colin Kelly

Human beings often require acceptance and compassion from the people around them, but both can sometimes be hard to find...

“Josh, can we talk?”

“Uh, sure. What about?”

“Your cousin Bill is going to be coming to stay with us.”

“Hey, great! When? For how long?”

“He’s having some problems with his father. Your aunt Alison wants him somewhere safe.”

“What do you mean somewhere safe?”

“Bill told his folks that he’s gay, and Roger didn’t take it well. Alison called and we said he could stay here. Josh, do you have any problem with him being gay?”

“Nah, I don’t care. I know gay guys at school. Where’s he going to sleep?”

“He’ll use Cathy’s room.”

“What about Cathy, where’ll she sleep when she comes home?”

“She’s decided to get an apartment because she’ll work this summer. She’ll use the guest bedroom when she comes to visit.”

Bill arrived the next morning, and we picked him up at the airport. When I saw him coming down the concourse I yelled “Hey!” and ran and grabbed him in a hug. “Hey, Bill. Glad you’re here.”

He looked a little worried. “You okay with me being...”

I grinned. “Being gay? I couldn’t care less.”

He sighed, then smiled. “I think things’ll work out great!”

“Me too, bud, me too.”

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