Freedom Lost

By Christian Martin

  1. Their shadows deep and long,
  2. No longer real but still strong,
  3. Cast a double spell on freedom,
  4. By falling they crushed some,
  5. Their shadow now cast
  6. A dark cloud on the mass
  7. Freedom lost to protect freedom
  8. All this because terror has won!
  10. We stand today, aghast at the emptiness
  11. We feel the cold, trembling with uneasiness
  12. Fearful of losing what we already lost,
  13. Unaware that our security has cost
  14. The freedom we so dearly cherish
  15. And that to believe in cages is childish.
  17. We are the tweety bird,
  18. Longing to be free of the golden cage,
  19. Fighting its presence with rage,
  20. Yet fearful of the black cat,
  21. Who, we know is sat,
  22. Waiting for us to fly,
  23. So he too can have his try.
  25. We want what we dread,
  26. Freedom, dangerous, yet exhilarating,
  27. We build cages to protect what is ours,
  28. Unaware that their bars, in these hours,
  29. Though golden, safe and protecting,
  30. Destroys what they are defending.
  32. No freedom is without risk,
  33. No freedom is without pain,
  34. To say otherwise is to miss
  35. The very truth of this:
  36. To be free and go where you wish,
  37. You must face becoming the cat’s dish.