My Motherís Hands

By Zachary Level Mustaine

Updated: 2009-09-26

  1. i could hear her old car, my mother
  2. crawling up the long driveway between cornfields
  3. a tenth of a mile the wheels grinding
  4. to a stop. a door shuts. heels clicking on the cracked blacktop
  5. i tried
  6. not to look at her face as she
  7. rounded the corner i
  8. sat transfixed eyes glued to the television
  9. commercials interjecting the tired wrinkled
  10. hand i could feel resting on my shoulder
  11. she was coming home, alone, without him
  12. and i did not want to participate in her sorrow.
  13. i could feel her breath,
  14. staggering like a racehorse
  15. trying to draw me into the scene the stone
  16. courthouse where he was tried
  17. the two-year sentence
  18. the bailiff escorting him from her fingernails
  19. her clenching fingernails
  20. now holding his wallet, his tie, his watch
  22. the watch that sits locked away
  23. in a cabinet in my motherís room
  24. its hands more still than my motherís hands
  25. resting on my shoulder that day
  27. as a constant reminder
  28. that time stood still.