Goals -- a poem by Tiffany Cook


by Tiffany Cook

Listen to Tiffany Cook Reading Goals


The models wish for peace
at every pageant show;
the fathers hope for boys
that every girl will know.
Gamblers wish on lotto tickets
that they play cards all night to buy;
and stoners wish for dealers
to bring them their next high.
The heroes count on victims,
to save, then catch their glory;
while the nosey loud-mouthed neighbors
spy for their next story.
The teens pray for a lover
to kiss them and hold hands;
kids dig deep into the sandbox,
searching for new lands.
The poets seek new depth,
with words upon a page;
as the singer waits for her applause,
up on center stage.
We each have all our dreams,
our whispered wishes and our hopes.
We only have to reach them
before the end of all our ropes


July, 2009