Clydesdale ponies - for Lukas 'n Taylor Ashke - The Aussie Brats


By Lukas 'n Taylor Ashke

  1. A Rose
  2. Feeling Alone?
  3. Friendship
  4. My Special Someone
  5. Pieces Of Me
  6. A Beautiful Spirit within You
  7. My Friend Always

[TOP] A Rose

  1. A relationship is like a Rose.
  2. How long it lasts, no one knows.
  3. Love can erase an aweful past.
  4. Love can be yours, you'll see it last
  5. To feel that love, it makes you sigh
  6. To have it leave, you'd rather die
  7. You hope you've found that special Rose
  8. 'Cos you love and care, for the one you choose.

[TOP] Feeling Alone?

  1. If you're ever feeling alone
  2. And need comfort or care
  3. I'll always be the one to stand by you
  4. You know I'll always be there
  5. The sun may not be shining
  6. There may be clouds above
  7. But for now until the end of time
  8. I will be sending you all my love
  9. When you just can't take the pain
  10. And your thoughts have passed you by
  11. There will always be my shoulder for you
  12. The moment you begin to cry
  13. The birds may not be chirping
  14. But we may never be apart
  15. Because I always want you close to me
  16. Deep down inside my heart

[TOP] Friendship

  1. There is a miracle of Friendship
  2. That dwells within the heart
  3. And you don't know how it happens
  4. Or where it gets to start
  5. But the happiness it brings
  6. Always gives you a special lift
  7. And you realize that friendship
  8. Is the most perfect gift.

[TOP] My Special Someone

  1. Too sweet to taste
  2. Too hot to hold
  3. Your mind like fire
  4. Your heart like gold
  5. Your lips are silky
  6. My heart you stole
  7. Your words like fire
  8. They melt my soul
  9. I love you dearly
  10. Don't let me go
  11. You're someone special
  12. i love you so.

[TOP] Pieces Of Me

  1. My heart is like a jigsaw
  2. That now has missing parts
  3. When you walked out the door last night
  4. You took away my heart
  5. Don't take those pieces away from me
  6. Bring back the love that used to be
  7. Because I cannot go on, can't you see
  8. I need your jigsaw pieces, they are part of me.

[TOP] A Beautiful Spirit within You

  1. Every Spirit is beautiful and true
  2. They hold the secrets inside of you
  3. They know your personality
  4. Loud or shy
  5. They heal the tears
  6. Whenever you cry
  7. They cannot grant wishes
  8. But they can protect you
  9. They keep you safe
  10. No matter what you do
  11. Every spirit is different
  12. Yet so true
  13. But out of every Spirit
  14. I would choose you.

[TOP] My Friend Always

  1. A friend like you
  2. is treasured for life
  3. We help each other
  4. When we're in strife
  5. Although at sometimes
  6. We have our fights
  7. I know we will
  8. be friends for life
  9. I'll miss you now
  10. And hope to see you soon
  11. Remember always
  12. I'll be your friend forever