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by Graeme

Leaning against a tree by the edge of the park, I waited nervously for the guy to show up. Not for the first time, I wondered how my big brother had managed to talk me into this.

It had sounded exciting when he first described it. All I had to do was to keep a lookout for when the gay guy showed up, and then ring my brother on my mobile phone. Brad would then do the rest. I wouldn’t have to do anything; I didn’t even have to be seen! Brad would do the dirty deed – the one he’s been looking forward to for a long time.

While this would be the first time for me, I knew my brother had done this before. I could still remember the time Brad came home with bruises and a black eye. He managed to come up with some cock-and-bull story for our parents, but he told me what really happened. That was something we swore a couple of years ago: we would always tell each other the truth.

Brad had been beaten up by the bloody poofter, that time, and part of my job was to make sure it didn’t happen again. He had taken my brother by surprise with a blow to the stomach, and then started to lay into Brad with fist and boot. Brad got away, but had been badly shaken. I thought that would end it; that my brother would give up on this goal of his. I should’ve known better. If there was one thing about my brother, it is that he’s persistant. He never gives up until he’s got what he wants.

Brad said that this one was short and not particularly muscular. At least, that’s what the guy had told Brad in the internet chatroom that my brother had met him on. Brad told me that he’s been working this guy carefully for a few weeks now, and he was sure he’d show up at the time and place they’d agreed. One of the things I had to do was to make sure the guy matched the description he’d given Brad. Another was to make sure the poofter was alone. If there was someone with him, Brad told me to call the whole thing off. They had agreed to come here alone, and if the guy didn’t do that, then Brad said it was too dangerous to go through with it.

Just in case things didn’t go well, Brad had dyed his hair blonde that morning, and had an appointment for the next day to get it dyed back to his normal black, as well as getting his long locks cut off. Shaving off the goatee he’d been growing would complete the transformation. If things went wrong, tomorrow he would look completely different, and should be safe from any retribution.

My brother had also reassured me that there was no chance that Mark, the guy who was coming, would realise that we were related. I shouldn’t be spotted, anyway, but if I was, Brad was sure I’d be taken for just another young guy in the park. Certainly, I didn’t look a lot like my brother, who’s been doing weight training for a few years now. I was weedy in comparison, but then my brother is also four years older than me.

I had another glance around the park. I could hear the noise of children playing nearby, but the only people I could see were an elderly couple walking slowly along the path. The bench, where Brad told me they’d agreed to meet, was still empty. I eased myself a bit further back around the tree I was leaning against, trying to avoid being seen.

I had wanted to tell my girlfriend about this, as I was sure she’d be proud of me, but Brad had sworn me to secrecy. He told me that absolutely no one must know what we were doing. If word got out, he could end up in a lot of trouble. In particular, our parents must not find out what we were doing. Brad was sure that they would be shocked and might even throw him out of the house in disgust. I was of the opinion that their love for their eldest son wouldn’t let that happen, but I had conceded the shock part without a fight. Even I was a little shocked that Brad wanted to do this!

Brad did all the planning. With a eye to detail, he’d suggest to Mark that they meet in this part of the park, where trees restricted the view of any onlookers, and only a single, seldom-used path led through it. While being interrupted was a possibility, Brad was happy to take that chance. He was sure he could complete what he wanted to do before anyone came along. He just needed me to give him the all-clear signal before he made his move.

Watching discreetly, I cursed silently when the elderly couple stopped and sat down at the bench. Glancing at my watch, I realised that there was still time before the scheduled rendezvous. As long as those two didn’t decided to stop for a nap, there was a chance they would’ve moved on.

I started questioning in my mind whether I really wanted them to go, or not. I love my brother, and I want him to be happy, but what he was going to do disturbed me. While I was discomforted by the idea, I also knew that Brad wouldn’t be happy unless he did this. It had become almost an obsession with him. I wish I knew where it came from, but Brad had flatly told me to forget any idea of trying to talk him out of it. If I was a loyal brother, I’d help him.

Brad always knew what buttons to push with me. He’s stuck up for me more times than I can remember, and he’s rarely asked for anything in return.

When he first requested my help, I didn’t hesitate; I owed him too much to say no. But when it came time to leave the house, I started getting cold feet. The mere fact that I was helping my brother would stain me in our parents eyes, if they ever found out. They wouldn’t distinguish between the one doing the deed, and the one who helped him. They might grant me some leniency, on the basis that I was only sixteen, but I wasn’t sure.

It was too late for second thoughts, though. Brad had already told our parents that he was driving us to the beach for a few hours. Indeed, we did go there initially, just to make sure we got a little sandy. Mum would’ve been expecting that, when it came time to wash our clothes, and may have asked questions if they weren’t. However, we weren’t at the beach very long. Brad was getting excited, and kept encouraging me to get a move on, while I started dragging my heels. I wasn’t sure I should let my big brother do this, but I didn’t know how to stop him.

After a minute or two, I peered around the tree trunk again. The couple were just rising to their feet. I still wasn’t sure if I wanted them to go, but the decision was being taken out of my hands. It was with a mixed heart that I watched them stroll slowly away.

A quick glance at my watch showed that Mark could be showing up at any time. I had to be careful to make sure I didn’t scare him off. I contemplated deliberately making sure I was seen, but that would be an abuse of my brother’s trust. I would have trouble looking him in the eye if I cheated him of this opportunity.

I finally spotted the poof as he made his way tentatively to the bench. He fitted the description Brad had given me, but the nervous manner in which he looked around made him stand out. He was going to meet someone for the first time, and didn’t know what to expect. If my brother did what he told me he’d do, this Mark guy wasn’t going to forget this in a hurry. Unless the guy was a martial artist in disguise, there was also no way he’d be able to physically challenge my brother. That particular danger could be crossed off the list.

I pulled out my phone, but paused before I hit the speed dial for my brother. I still had a chance to stop this before it got out of control. Brad had left the final decison with me. If I was happy with the situation, I could call, but if I had the slightest doubts about it, Brad had told me not to ring.

I took a deep breath, and scanned the area one last time. The poofter appeared to be alone, and this section of the park was empty. I didn’t know how long it would stay that way, though. Knowing how much my brother had been looking forward to this, I closed my eyes and rang his number.

“Yes?” Brad replied quickly. I could tell he was tense.

“He’s here, and appears to be alone. He’s all yours, Brad,” I said quickly, before I lost my nerve.

“Thanks, mate. I owe you one,” Brad replied, tension easing out of his voice, as he prepared for action.

Hanging up, I opened my eyes and kept a lookout until I saw my brother approaching Mark from the cover of the trees. He was behind the poof, and would have the element of surprise.

Just before he reached the guy, I slipped behind the tree and looked away. Brad had told me what he was going to do, but I didn’t want to watch it. The mere thought was beginning to make me nauseous. While I knew that Brad found it exciting and stimulating, I couldn’t understand how one guy could do that to another guy. I knew I couldn’t do it. Family loyalty, however, meant that I had to help Brad do what he wanted.

While not looking, I kept listening for any disturbance. When I didn’t hear anything, curiosity got the better of me. I peeked around the tree trunk.

As I had expected, Brad and Mark were in the middle of a passionate embrace. Trying to avoid throwing up, I turned my back on them and leant against the tree.

Life should be a lot simplier when Brad finally gets around to telling our parents that he’s gay.

Copyright Notice - Copyright © March 2005 by Graeme.

The author copyrights this story and retains all rights. This work may not be duplicated in any form –  physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise – without the author's expressed permission. All applicable copyright laws apply.

Disclaimer: All individuals depicted are fictional, and any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental.

I would like to express a special thank you to everyone at The Mail Crew for their ongoing support with my writing. I can thoroughly recommend their website to all teenagers who are gay, lesbian, bi or not sure.

The Mail Crew have asked that I state that they were not involved with the writing of this story, and that Aaron of the crew did not edit it. It should be emphasised that meeting someone who has been contacted via the internet is a highly risky venture, and should NOT be done in a secluded, private area, as described in the story above. The Safe Teens website contains suggestions on what you should do, if you are ever in this situation.

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