Potential Kinetic

By EleCivil

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Title: audio Potential Kinetic
Author: EleCivil Narrator: EleCivil
Artist: Civility C and the Talentless Three
Disc: Holy Hell, We Suck! Track: 03
Kind: Poem Type: MP3 Time: 00:00:57 Size: 900 KB
  1. Built to specs then left to rest among
  2. The Midwestís rusted cars
  3. Iíll be the brick that will reduce
  4. This Glass City to down to shards
  5. But stones just lie around
  6. Unless theyíre lent momentum
  7. So Iím afraid Iíll need your help
  8. Before I can change potential
  9. Into violent kinetic energy
  10. And smash the church, the state,
  11. The pride, the hate,
  12. The bosses, the cops,
  13. The chains, the locks.
  14. Until Iím thrown Iím left to languish
  15. And my stony surface crumble
  16. As I listen to the language
  17. Of the revolution turn to mumbles.
  18. And I call for compassion
  19. While my own heartís growing colder
  20. Hear myself preach for community
  21. While I turn my bleeding shoulders
  22. On the game, on the streets, on the world.