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Who Sings of Joy?

By DesDownUnder

Copyright 2009
  1. Who will write us an anthem,
  2. Who will stand and praise our pride,
  3. Who will mourn with requiem,
  4. Those who have lived and died,
  5. So youth is free today,
  6. To leave sorrow aside,
  7. And be proud to be gay?
  9. Who will wipe away tears,
  10. From those who understand,
  11. The loss of all our years,
  12. The rights of all Mankind,
  13. To live ’n love without fears,
  14. To sing, none shall rescind,
  15. The freedoms won by queers?
  17. Who will write a song of love,
  18. Who will stand by our side,
  19. Who chants the right to love,
  20. Denying those who lied,
  21. Of hatred from above,
  22. To stop us as we tried
  23. Living lives of true love?
  25. Who sings for liberty,
  26. With songs of pride that praised,
  27. Our solidarity,
  28. In our gentle crusade,
  29. For Love’s true cause,
  30. Even as we slaved,
  31. Against unjust laws?
  33. Who will cry out against,
  34. The loss of human rights,
  35. To live in fearless days,
  36. And sing of happy nights,
  37. Of peace that stays,
  38. With no more fights,
  39. About our loving ways?
  41. Who will know life’s meaning,
  42. If all humanity,
  43. Is denied marrying,
  44. In equal unity,
  45. By not accepting
  46. Love’s great insanity,
  47. As sanctity of living?
  49. No call to arms shall be made,
  50. Which does not embrace,
  51. Compassion for the whole human Race,
  52. No more wars on love,
  53. With words of hate,
  54. No more shall we enslave,
  55. Ourselves or our fate.
  57. We know our destiny is to see
  58. Our love is what makes us free.
  60. Who will sing our song of freedom,
  61. Who will dance to life ’n gaiety,
  62. Who will sing our anthem,
  63. Of love and joy in living free?
  65. Oh, let it be, you and me.