by Cole Parker

Lake Tenaya, Yosemite National Park
A Summer Romance A resort with beautiful lake, a large sandy beach, swimming, boating, getting a tan, hiking, horseback riding, and even fishing. These are all things that for most teens mean summer fun. But not for Perry. For him it just means work. 
Another Summer in Georgia When these two get together, anything can happen, and usually does.
Attitude Adjustment Greg is driven to succeed on the football field. What begins for him as a simple attempt to win a starting position on the team ends up as a journey to discover who he really is.
Doing Something A sixteen year old boy faces major life changes, ones he hates, and there isn’t anything he can do about them but make the best of it. 
Dust A seedy office, a hard-nosed gumshoe and a missing ring. Where this would lead was not where anyone could have expected.
8th Grade Sometimes the kids don’t like a teacher. Sometimes a teacher doesn’t like the kids. That could be. . .  awkward.
High School Hero High school is part wonderful, part wrenching for most everyone. Along the way, for the lucky ones, personal growth occurs. 
Lesson Plans 13-year-old Neil Swenson has lived a life of restriction, sadness and denial. Now, he's moved to Mississippi and is hoping things change.
Lightning in a Jar David’s at loose ends this summer and likes it that way, hoping to goof off until school starts in the fall. With his mom pushing, it doesn’t work out that way, however.  
Me ’n Riley A small Southern town. Two young boys looking for things to do, a summertime of freedom spread in front of them, adventures calling. 
One Summer in Georgia He was on his way home, a leisurely trip driving back roads in rural Georgia. A sudden encounter with a young teen interrupted his trip. He’d just completed a job, and the last thing he needed was a passenger. Especially a kid as a passenger.  
Puppy Love A boy and his dog: what could be more natural? For Kerry, nothing seems to be easy, and a dog is just another complication.
The Busboy Jim wants to rescue a kid in trouble. He has no idea what comes next. 
Short Stories
A Modern Fantasy Sometimes fantasy can work in the real world — and solve two problems simultaneously.
Beginning Mark is a young boy who is forced to grow up. Will he be able to do it before he's ready?
Cantaloupe Kids: confrontations, consternation, complications, confusion and confabulation.  
DeMarcus Cullman and the Powers that Be The statue of Lady Justice wears a blindfold to show that justice will be dispensed objectively, without fear or favor. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to accomplish that goal.
Drawing Me Out Sometimes there’s more to see than what’s there. 
Exposure Being different from your peers can be a nightmare for a teenager. 
Grandfather’s Conspiracy A celebration in the city park is an opportunity for Derrick and his grandfather to get together on a whole new level.
Ho Ho Ho Christmas is known as a season of giving. But sometimes giving can be the wrong thing to do. Part of the Codey's World 2012 Holiday Story Collection.
Mr Patterson and the Aide A man takes a walk in the park, one he’s taken many time before,
and his life changes forever . . .  
Nickles and Dimes Can people change for the better? Can they grow after reaching their teen years, and beyond? Is it harder for a teenager or an adult?
Playing Santa When you're sixteen years old the worst thing that you would be forced to do is work over Christmas vacation.
Rusty Horses are pretty smart. Paul learns just how smart, and what a good a friend they can be.
The Big Splash When you're young and unhappy and powerless to change things, what do you do? What if you have to change things and no one will listen?
The Dance The school formal is always nervous time for young boys, especially the first one. Rejection is always a fear. What if…
The Education and Evolution of Maxwell Grant Time to buy Max’s first suit. Who could guess how that would turn out?  
The Farm Boy Derrick's life hasn't been an easy one. Then it undergoes a major change. Will it be for the better?
The House Parents always tell their kids that Halloween isn't a contest to see who will get the most candy. Their kids always ingore them. But sometimes that can cause problems.
War and Peace Your first year in a new middle school is exciting and challenging. Everything is changing. And the most important thing? You discover that you are changing, too.