Fireflies (title)

By Codey

    1. I sat in the dark,
    2. on the deck tonight.
    3. I saw fireflies flashing,
    4. beacons bright.
    5. Warning of shoals
    6. and imminent plight,
    7. or a guide to the safety
    8. of harbor lights?
    1. What purpose have these,
    2. that flicker and glow?
    3. They offer beauty
    4. and a sparkling show.
    5. As they dance their dance,
    6. for us below,
    7. what can we offer
    8. as quid pro quo?
    1. Although the masters of our world,
    2. and basking in our prime,
    3. living through each hurried day,
    4. wearied by lives of mime.
    5. In the grind of daily living,
    6. we seldom find the time,
    7. to really stop and appreciate
    8. this beauty so sublime.
    1. The beauty of the leaves on a tree,
    2. the patterns of its bark.
    3. The joyous sound, at dawn,
    4. of the singing of a lark.
    5. The beauty in the rising sun
    6. as it begins its daily arc,
    7. and the nightly dance of fireflies,
    8. sparkling in the dark.
    1. We, but a cog, on the wheel of life,
    2. surrounded by all creation,
    3. should be humbled by all that we don’t see,
    4. and our lack of appreciation.
    5. With all this beauty in the world,
    6. we’d sit in awe and utter frustration,
    7. that we alone have little to give;
    8. all we can offer is admiration.

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