The Cowboy and the Geezer

a poem by Codey

  • The old man sat in the shade
  • of his ramshackle old abode,
  • when, off in the distance, he spied a horse
  • coming down the dusty road.
  • On the horse, there sat a rider
  • with features dim eyes couldn’t see.
  • The old man watched and wondered
  • just who this stranger could be.
  • The cowboy rode tall in the saddle
  • with his horse at a gentle trot.
  • “Welcome stranger” the geezer said
  • as the cowboy rode up and stopped.
  • “If you have time to tarry,
  • you’re welcome to rest a spell.
  • Tie your horse up in the shade.
  • There’s cool water in my well.”
  • “I thank you for your kindness sir
  • but I dare not linger long.
  • There is a bullet in my chest
  • and soon I must be gone.”
  • “How came you to get that bullet, boy,
  • you carry in your chest?
  • were you beset by brigands?
  • Come sit awhile and rest.”
  • “I left home but six months ago
  • coming West to earn my fortune.
  • There’s gold in California hills
  • and I was bound to get my portion.
  • I found the treasure that I sought
  • but another wanted my gold.
  • He left me dying in the dark
  • and now I’ll never grow old.”
  • “I’ve come to choose a saddle mate,
  • someone to call my friend.
  • To show me sights I’ve never seen
  • and places I’ve never been.
  • To ride with me among the stars
  • chasing mavericks with fiery tails.
  • To sit with me around the fire
  • regaling me with his tales.”
  • “There’s not much good in being old.”
  • the geezer sadly said.
  • Then looking anew at the stranger, he asked
  • “Are you then truly dead?
  • Are you an old man’s vision,
  • merely seen in a fitful dream?
  • Or, perhaps, an ethereal messenger
  • fulfilling some unknown scheme?”
  • “Tho’ I am old and past my prime
  • I’ll gladly be your friend.
  • I’ll show you sights you’ve never seen
  • and take you places you’ve never been.
  • I’ll ride with you among the stars,
  • we’ll chase mavericks with fiery tails.
  • We’ll sit ‘round celestial campfires,
  • I have a lifetime of tales to tell.”
  • The old man sat in the shade
  • of his ramshackle old abode.
  • Off in the distance were two horses
  • heading up the dusty road.
  • On each horse there sat a rider
  • with features living eyes couldn’t see.
  • It was the cowboy and the geezer.
  • Two souls now riding free.

lantern with spectral flares

Photo manipulation by Blue for Codey.

Title: audio The Cowboy and the Geezer
Author: Codey
Narrator: Blue Ben W.
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