A Mother and Her Son

By BlindEagle


Copyright © 2009 by BlindEagle. All rights reserved.

A mother and her son lived alone, she in search of someone to physically love and care for them both. Through the help of loved ones and friends, rescuing them from the abuse from a wicked husband and father, they found freedom at last.

 Attending a support group for the mother and a youth group for the son they found friendships and nurturing much needed when none else could be found. Though life kept its momentary pokes and stings, they chose to hang in there and learned about the faith and strength to help them gain hope out of a world of despair.

The boy was adventurous and inquisitive as the typical twelve year old, was always asking questions about this or that while exploring his surroundings, within the mind of a youth and through the eyes of his innocence.

The mother had her own issues and past to deal with, she also had to learn of the warmth of Godís love and the extended arms of His embrace through the hearts of those who came to her rescue. Sometimes the baggage of life before exposes the unwanted, sometimes unbearable lashing out behaviors, but she was at the place she needed to be the most.

Boys will be boys and they act accordingly as lifeís cycles pass in, through, and around them. Itís through the example shared by many that they remember the most important things, but sometimes boyish behaviors cover over what is tucked away deep inside the heart.

They came to find freedom in their new life, yet the need for physical bonding was still longed for and greatly desired by both the mother and the son. In the passion of need, two adultís agreed and the mother and son became a family of three.

Time is known as the true revealer of the heart, though often times we are in such a rush to provide ourselves with what we think we want and need that we miss the place where thereís safety.

Just as a wolf tries to convince himself and those around that he is as harmless as a sheep, he sometimes can be so convincing that he deceives the sheep who are tired of the same old outlook on life and self that they are willing to reach out and trust. Eventually they believe the lie just to find out later that a wolf is a wolf, and a sheep is a sheep; never the two should meet. The day finally came while in the heat of a moment of differences, the wolf showing his true colors lashed out in full fury releasing all of his anger, with temper and unforgiving he attacked, and the mother and son were gone. Left behind, the now deceived heart of the wolf will live the rest of his life awaiting his fate and his final judgment.

Now itís too late to wonder if the mother made the right choice or not, or to wonder what kind of man her young son would have turned out to be. The mother and her son no longer visit the support groups, the youth programs, the hang outs at the beach, or swimming past the shore. For now they abide in the arms of God. Every need is forever met, safely out of the reach of worry and fret; thereís no need for anything of this world.

Dedicated to a mother who wanted what was best for her and her son, and at last she has it.