That First Kiss

By Bestpi

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The first one? The very first one? Oh ya, I remember, all too well.

I was six, she was seven! The older woman. Girls were yuk! Or so I thought. It was that day the battle over this question was won. She had it out for me, and it was plain to see.

Every chance she got to be near me she took. And those eyes; she had a look. She had a look that said, "All I want is you!" I couldn't out run her, I couldn't hide from her. My God I thought she was part bloodhound the way she could hunt me down. There was no hiding from her either; she knew my every move. She really did her homework to make it happen.

She would even show up for breakfast. There was no peace, no solace to be had. And those eyes! Ever have someone really hungry watch you eat something really good? They watch each spoonful as it travels slowly from the bowl to your mouth. And that look with parted lips like, "Your not going to eat that are you? Won't you share? I'll love you if you share!" There was no peace.

What was God thinking when he made women! They are such a pain; and why did he have to make their hair smell that good just after being washed. And it was so soft. But she was a girl and girls are yuk! Oh and the number of times Mom made me brush her hair. I can remember Mom saying, "Go on, she'll like it. She just wants to sit by you. Sweeten up, give her a little sugar." What was she thinking? Didn't she know what this would lead too?

After breakfast Mom would make us both walk down to the bus stop together. Some mornings it seemed like the bus would never get there. And she kept getting closer and closer to me. I mean what was she trying for? If she got any closer, she would be sitting in my lap! Fat chance! She would probably crush me. She was not tiny by any means or stretch of the imagination. I was no slouch at six, but Mom said she was just big boned. Still, next to me, she was huge. Everybody else noticed it too.

When ever we walked down the street we got looks from everybody. When they spoke to Mom they would start off with, "Isn't she adorable; and they look so cute together!" Like we weren't even there and couldn't hear them. Sorry, adorable wasn't a word I would have used for her. Nag would have fit better. Gross would work well too.

She was the biggest nag ever. I don't know why Mom was so willing to open the door when ever she showed up. I couldn't even watch TV without her nosing in. And if I had friends over, she would steal them from me, right in front of me too. And although it may have been my first kiss, it certainly wasn't hers. She would kiss anyone. She was a veritable kissing machine! I guess that's how she got so good at it because make no mistake she was an Olympic class kisser. She was good at it and she knew it. Nothing made her happier than to land a big one, right on the lips!

Didn't anyone ever tell her about germs? She could have passed anything to anybody. But did that stop her? No way. Did my resistance stop her? No way. Hiding didn't stop her. Running away didn't stop her. Climbing a tree did but only for a little bit; because I had to get down at some point, and she knew it. Yep, she was a patient one. She was going to kiss me whether I wanted it or not.

It was like she knew I was going to like it, she just had to give me a little taste of it. You know, a sample. She used all of her female charm. Those eyes, those lips, that soft hair that smelled so good just after being washed; it was ordained that I should receive that kiss. But a normal kiss, it would not be! She had to go foreign on me. A frenchy one. That's right, the tongue. She slipped me the tongue! And it was just after she licked her butt too.

She was the best dog I ever had.