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2014 Halloween Collection

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UPDATED: 2014-10-31

A Frightening Halloween Colin Kelly Flash Fiction A Drabble is a story with exactly 100 words. A Double-Drabble is a story with exactly 200 words. Here we have a Double-Drabble for Halloween that we hope you’ll find double-frightening and double-fun. (10/31)
Halloween Cards Colin Kelly Short Story Norm hated exchanging Halloween cards in middle school. But one Halloween someone gave him a card with a special message, and then things got very... interesting. (10/31)
Halloween Prank II Grant Bentley Short Story Steve’s wish comes true and he gets two big brothers who prove two men can love each other as deeply as it’s humanly possible. This is a sequel to the story Halloween Prank. (10/31)
Payback James Merkin Short Story Mike has strong convictions about what should and should not be given to trick-or-treaters. This is a story about one kid who liked what Mike gave him. 10/31
The House Cole Parker Short Story Parents always tell their kids that Halloween isn't a contest to see who will get the most candy. Their kids always ingore them. But sometimes that can cause problems. (10/31)
The Mask Lugnutz Short Story What Jeremy wanted was a winning costume, and his mom had the best idea. A costume his dad had worn. (10/31)
The Zombies’ Halloween Des Downunder Short Story Eddy brought home their Halloween costumes and a movie to watch — but no candy. (10/31)
Trick or Treat? Lugnutz Short Story When you get to a certain age, you’ll remember Halloweens past and think about those present and future. (10/31)
Trick or Treat? Graeme Short Story Featured from past Codey's World Stories: Peter has everything planned for the Halloween party, everything controlled by computer: music, lights, just… everything. But things don't go exactly as he'd planned. (10/31)