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2014 Halloween Collection

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UPDATED: 2014-10-31

Xavier's Thanksgiving Grant Bentley Short Story It often just takes just one to stand up for and support a bullied student to bring about change. (10/15)
Halloween Bash Colin Kelly Short Story Darryl is watching a water polo match. Jason sits next to him and says water polo is the best sport for scoping out the really hot guys. Now Darryl is... confused. (10/22)
I Love Luke Skywalker — Yes, I Do Grant Bentley Short Story Sometimes, when handing out treats to the little trick-or-treaters, the Force is with you. (10/29)
The Opera Colin Kelly Short Story Leslie's first exposure to opera is when she hears Ash singing an aria. She becomes obsessed with the aria, and when she decides to find out which opera it's from the task turns out to be both simple and complicated... (11/26)
Christmas and the Dollar Store Grant Bentley Short Story Always be nice to your Mom when you're forced to go Christmas shopping. You never know when it might pay off. (12/10)
A Brass Monkey Colin Kelly Short Story Some teachers can be tough. Some can be awful. Some can be absolutely the worst. Even the day before the Christmas and New Year's break. Well, let's see if Mike will be able to cope with one of those “absolutely the worst” teachers. (12/10)
Looking Back Grant Bentley Short Story Shawn can't accept that he's gay, but he can't escape that reality as long as Shelby Morrison is around. How does he react to Shelby's presence at school everyday? And, what does he do when Shelby's suddenly not there? (01/07)