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UPDATED: 2011-05-07

Thanksgiving — A Time to Give Thanks? Grant Bentley Short Story Adam feels he has little to be thankful for on Thanksgiving and wonders if he has the strength to go on. Then someone comes along... (10/16)
Unexpected Halloween Treat Grant Bentley Short Story Halloween, a time to confront scary ghosts and goblins, or something even scarier? (10/30)
Halloween Payback Colin Kelly Short Story What was thought to be a Halloween prank turns out to be a homophobic slur. Will Darryl be able to find out who did it? (10/30)
A Zombie Valentine Gee Whillickers Short Story It's Halloween and Val has five problems. First, his nickname Val is short for Valentine. Second, Halloween sucks when you're fifteen. Third, he's going to a party stag. Fourth, he's going to the party as a Zombie. Fifth, he sees another guy in the same Zombie costume. Can anything good come of this combination? (10/30)
A Totally Smashing Thanksgiving Colin Kelly Novel David and Carson meet in a most unusual way that results in Carson breaking his arm. Then these two guys discover something else very interesting about each other. But that's only the beginning... (11/13 - 05/07)
A Christmas Gift Richard Norway Short Story Mark is at the mall doing his Christmas shopping. He sees a boy and for some reason that he doesn't understand is attracted to him and follows him into a store. While pretending to pick a belt for his dad he meets the boy, Robbie, and his life is turned upside-down. (11/20)
Christmas in Jasper Grant Bentley Short Story Some interesting events unfold during a family Christmas trip to the mountains. (12/18)
Northern Lights Gee Whillickers Short Story Morgan's birthday is on New Years Day. He thinks this mostly sucks and that's more-or-less like his life. Then he's more-or-less forced into going to a New Years Eve party and things start to change. (01/01)
A New Year—A New Life Grant Bentley Short Story Living on the streets during a cold Canadian winter can make being hungry and alone the least of your worries. (01/01)