Holiday Dinner with all the trimmings

Story Collection 2009

Fall and Winter Holidays

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UPDATED: 2009-12-19

Pie slices of all kinds
Short Story Grant Bentley 2009-10-10
The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving have been a time of searching and discovery for Jody. Will he find what he’s looking for in time to feel thankful and enjoy Thanksgiving?
Short Story Grant Bentley 2009-10-31
A shocking Halloween prank has unexpected results.
Short Story Grant Bentley 2009-11-28s
Jamie brings home a Christmas surprise, creating a little drama in the process.
Short Story Ronyx 2009-12-05
Jamal faces three challenges on his way to something remarkable.
Short Story Grant Bentley 2009-12-19
Theo seems to have it all; the life dreams are made of. He can have almost anything money can buy. So what is the one thing he wants for Christmas?
Short Story Ruwen Rouhs 2009-12-19
Three ghostly tales in a larger story.
Short Story Codey 2009-10-31
Two new friends discover they have something in common.
Short Story Codey 2009-10-31
Everyone says global warming will lead to global hunger. How right they are!
Short Story Chris Sirn 2009-10-31
Things get stranger for Andy. The flu, adults, his best friend, a nightmare.... Keep the light on after reading this one!
Short Novel Chris Sirn 2009-10-31
Sid was back to find his sister in a deserted, quarantined town.