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Holiday Season

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Stories and Poems
My First Thanksgiving Altimexis
The Un-Christmas Altimexis
Where the Heart Is RJ
Restless Spirits Henry Higgins
A Christmas Cage DesDownUnder
+ 2006 Holiday Season Various Authors
A Smokey Mountain Christmas* CarolinaScribbler
A Christmas Wish Codey
A Christmas Eve Awakening Ronyx
A Christmas Story Colin Kelly


Due Date: Dec. 15; Posting: Dec. 24;

The holidays from Halloween through New Year’s are coming. It can be a time for tradition or transition, rosy togetherness or bluesy loneliness, dreams or realities — a time of contrasts in what is, was, and could be.

Much of the holiday season involves family, faith, and celebration. Those are open to many interpretations: You have room to write your own short story, chapter story, or poem, or more than one.