Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla -- a story by Heather Rose Brown

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Clark did a waddling shuffle with his cup until it was near the middle the table. "Hello there Mister Artificially-And-Naturally-Strawberry-Flavored-Non-Dairy-Dessert-Beverage!"

TC imitated Clark's actions with his own cup, nearly knocking over the plastic tray filled with our combined orders of slowly cooling French fries. "Hello there Mister Artificially-And-Naturally-Chocolate-Flavored-Non-Dairy-Dessert-Beverage!"

A wicked grin stretched across Clark's face. "You wanna make out, Mister Artificially-And-Naturally-Strawberry-Flavored-Non-Dairy-Dessert-Beverage?"

TC matched Clark's grin. "Oh, and how, Mister Artificially-And-Naturally-Chocolate-Flavored-Non-Dairy-Dessert-Beverage."

They slid their cups closer, making loud kissing noises. I stopped slurping my vanilla milkshake and groaned. "I can't believe you guys."

Clark stopped in the middle of a pretty wet sounding kissing sound and looked at me. "You mean you can't believe I can say 'Mister Artificially-And-Naturally-Strawberry-Flavored-Non-Dairy-Dessert-Beverage' all in one breath?"

I shook my head at my two long-time friends. "No. I just can't believe you two can act so ... gay."

TC let go of his cup as if it had suddenly turned hot. "What? What'd I do now?"

I sighed and tried to not sound annoyed at needing to state the obvious. "Boys don't do kissing stuff."

Clark tilted his head, raising one eyebrow. "Says who? The boy in the cute denim skirt?"

I reached under the table and tried to pulling at the skirt so it would cover more. Even though I didn't think anyone could see my bare legs while I was sitting in the booth near the wall and had Clark on the outside blocking anyone who might have tried looking under the table, I still felt almost naked without my familiar jeans. "Hey, I only did it so TC wouldn't feel alone going out as a guy for the first time."

When I gave up the fight with the skirt and rested my arms on the table, TC reached around the tiny mountain of fries and gently rested his hand over mine. "Thanks, I really appreciate it." He looked back and forth between me and Clark. "You two are like the best friends a guy could ask for."

I was tempted to tell TC that guys didn't hold hands, but then I realized I probably didn't look like a guy, so I guessed it might be okay. Besides, it felt kind of nice. "You're welcome. What are friends for?"

Clark gently punched TC in the arm. "Any time, bud." He then looked at me and nodded at my cup. "Since you're into trying new things tonight, how about giving something besides vanilla a chance?"

I slid my hand out from under TC's and clutched at my cup. "I may be able to experiment with new fashions, but I will NOT give up my vanilla shake."

Even as I was saying it, I realized how silly I must have sounded, and started giggling. TC and Clark soon joined me. It had been a strange night and would probably get stranger, but it was a strangeness I could deal with when I knew I knew Chocolate and Strawberry were willing to share it with a maybe not so plain Vanilla.

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